Bay King Chrysler offers a 12 Month Complimentary Vehicle Return Protection when Financial a New or Used Vehicle. 

Keep Your Financial Road Clear with WALKAWAY.

Remove the road blocks. Financing or leasing your vehicle involves a long commitment and if your financial or health circumstances change along the way, your monthly payments can become a source of stress. If something unexpected happens to you, like experiencing a physical disability or a job loss, WALKAWAY can help. When you finance or lease from Bay King Chrysler you can return your vehicle to the dealership and cancel up to $7,500 of your automotive debt - keeping your credit rating and savings intact. 

 How Does It Work?

You buy a car from a Bay King Chrysler

You purchase a vehicle from Bay King Chrysler and recieve one year of complimentary coverage. Within ten days of your purchase you have the option to extend your coverage for a longer term and more benefits. 

Bay King Unexpected

Something unexpected happens in your life. Situations out of your control like having an accident, getting sick, or becoming unemployed making it difficult or impossible to make your loan or lease payments. 


You return your car without penalty.  Depending on what coverage you selected you are able to return the vehicle without damaging your credit rating. Other programs allow you to keep your vehicle while WALKAWAY makes payments. 

Why Is It a Smart Choice?

In many cases it is hard to come up with a substantial down payment, let alone be able to pay cash for your new vehicle. This means financing the vehicle is the likely solution. A loan is a big financial commitment that needs to be worked into your monthly budgets and can contribute to having a good or bad credit rating. 

We can't always predict or plan out the path our lives will take and unexpected rough patches can make us vulnerable financially. This can lead to no longer being able to manage a monthly or bi-weekly car loan payment. WALKAWAY is the perfect solution and is exactly what the name implies. The program allows you to walk away without impacting your cash flow or credit rating by covering the difference of what you owe and your cars value up to $25,000. 

What Do You Get with WALKAWAY?

Help Through the Unexpected

While most plans provide coverage for only one or two life events, WALKAWAY covers many, including loss of employment.

Coverage No Matter Your Situation 

Everyone qualifies regardless of age, health condition or employment record.

Protection and Peace of Mind 

WALKAWAY protects your finances, credit rating and your car.

Complimentary First Year & Option to Extend 

Your first year is already covered – compliments of your Bay King Chrysler. You can choose extended coverage within 10 days of purchasing your car.

Quick & Easy Claims

WALKAWAY will do everything it takes to help you when you need it most. Most claims are settled within 30 days.