The Car Care Clinic at Bay King

We get questions all the time in our service department. Most we can answer at the drop of a hat because we see it and work with it everyday. “Should I use synthetic oil”, “why get my tires rotated?”,”what does the factory warranty cover?” All of these are great and valid questions and we rhyme them off to you as fast as it comes in. That said there are cases where it is not so easy to immediately understand what is “wrong” with your car. Sometimes even our Chrysler factory trained technicians with 30 years of experience get stumped with your vehicles behavior.  And for good reason.

Vehicles are changing now more than ever to stay as competitive as possible. Auto manufacturers (Chrysler included) are spending millions of dollars trying to reinvent and wow us as consumers with the latest gizmo or gadget or by putting 700 Hellcat horses under a metal sheet. It is amazing, it really is and we live in exciting times.  But with every step forward comes two steps back and when it comes to hi-tech parts breaking down, it is not as easy one might think to quickly pinpoint a problem.

So we figured the best way to show our customers what really goes on in our service bays was to show them. So that is exactly what we did with our first ever Bay King Chrysler Car Care Clinic.  We had a great turnout of just under 100 people with food, drinks and auto ed 101. We showed the engines that we are currently working on like the 5.7 Hemi and 3.6 award winning Pentastar. How to troubleshoot the Uconnect touchscreen system with GPS, bluetooth and other applications. We also explored some basic service packages that really help extend the life of your vehicle and showed samples of what happens when you don’t. All in all it was a great night and we were overwhelmed by your appreciation for the event! We will announce the event well in advance for next year for you to sign up for this free event early.