Man returns to dealership with car he bought 47 years ago.

If you frequently check on social media to see what is happening in the world, you will start to realize just how creative, compassionate, innovative and nostalgic people really are. Today we had a huge surprise from a man named James and his wife Betty from New Brunswick, thanks to social media.

James bought a brand spanking new 68′ Plymouth Barracuda from Bay King Motors in 1968. Yes 47 years ago he picked up his sense of freedom and drove it as a daily commuter until he started driving a more “practical” family vehicle, but he kept his baby anyway.

After a series of life events, Jim and Betty decided to move out so New Brunswick where they have lived for over 15 years. Taking everything including the Barracuda with them, they have happily turned their once essential set of wheels into an award winning mopar showcar. This summer they both decided to take a trip across Canada to visit family and friends and they brought along their 68 Barracuda in hopes of finding the same dealership that they had purchased it from many years ago. So they looked up Bay King Chrysler on social media and were able to see our new location via the 1947 Willys Jeep that we buried in our showroom floor! Needless to say when they showed up on Monday, we were so excited to meet them and hear their amazing story.