Hamilton Health & Mac Kids Miracle Club

When your driving over the Skyway Bridge and seeing the steel factories pumping a cloud of pollution into the sky, one might consider why anyone would live in Hamilton. But when you get to understand some of the amazing things that are happening in the community, you get an appreciation for just how wonderful this metropolis is.

For those of you who don’t know, Hamilton has one of the best network of hospitals. Hamilton Health Sciences, partners with McMaster University and has 9 hospitals in Hamilton including the McMaster Childrens Hospital which is one of the most technologically advanced childrens hospital in Canada. McMaster Children’s Hospital is home to 165 acute care beds and 10 day beds, 40 subspecialty clinics, a Children’s Treatment Centre and one of the largest and most impressive Neonatal Intensive Care Units in Canada. Each year MCH has over 210,000 patient encounters in their subspecialty clinics, diagnostic areas, emergency department, inpatient wards and operating rooms.

Some of the incredible stories that come from these hospitals can be so inspiring and thanks to years of relentless research, the doctors and nurses are able to help more and more children fight through sickness and diseases that we didn’t even know existed just a few years ago.

These miracle stories inspired us to donate more to the cause. We have a fun Kidz Zone here at Bay King and we recently acquired a Superman ride for our guests to play in while they wait around for their parents. The fun ride costs a quarter to fire up and rock around while sounding off the Superman theme song… We are sending all proceeds from the Superman Ride to the McMaster Childrens Hospital Foundation because we believe in the work they are accomplishing.

On behalf of Bay King Chrysler we want to thank all of the doctors, nurses and other healthcare employees for their continued pursuit of excellence in Hamilton and Canadian Health Care.